This website and it’s content represent a passion and goal I’ve had for a number of years now. I’ve longed for a means of sharing information I’ve learned through the years, and still continue to do so, from sources I often feel led to look further into and then do my best to implement the information and advice I really connect to into my own life. I’ve had a life rich with experiences myself beyond what some can believe and am blessed to have learned from some of them. I do  my best to apply knowledge gained from each to hopefully continually improve myself as best possible towards the best man I can be ( according to my definition and understanding of what that is ).

When given an opportunity to share some of my life stories I’ve more than a number of times heard “man you should write a book or at least write down some these stories. It seems like you’ve lived multiple lives to have experienced so much and I’m betting there are others out there could really benefit from some of them“.

I feel like may be a bit different than a lot of other websites, podcast, and other social media most of us are drawn to . Most appear to be owned and managed by someone who has indeed previously experienced difficulties, struggles, and even tragedies we connect to in our own life experiences today. They’re usually fortunate to now be able to speak from a point of having overcome those struggles their stories and help others that are now where they once were to hopefully overcome and grow from the struggles as they have. That’s awesome and what we all naturally strive to find to help us create the shortest path possible to our own rising above whatever the challenge(s) we’re currently facing using advice and information gleaned from their story(s). I highly encourage this practice and it’s a huge part of my own daily journey. What I feel may occur from time to time here however is that I’ll feel led to share something where I myself am in a position of struggle at the time unable to yet share how I overcame that particular struggle. No worries, I won’t be “dumping” on you! I believe readers of such post will either think to themselves a.) This guy’s as messed up or more than I am and has nothing to offer me that would benefit my efforts of rising above my struggle I’m currently dealing with so I’ll just move on. Or… b.) Now here’ a guy that while he appears to have accomplished a lot in his life and has some good advice and information I really connect with, he too sometimes still has his days of struggle and is humble and real in sharing them. So, while my primary intentions are to provide good, solid meat, straight to the point, content on ideas of how to become a better man, husband, father, friend, employee, and any number of other roles we have, you may find me just being honest here and there where I experience my own struggles from time to time and just want to honestly share them. Who knows, they too may have some value to the right person at the right time.

So, I’m off to this new adventure and look forward to writing and sharing in as many ways as possible my own journey and the life lessons learned from them hoping by sharing parts of them I may be able to have some small role in blessing another man out there somewhere. I of course welcome and look forward to hearing back from any of you that feel like doing so and am good at accepting constructive criticism where appropriate.

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